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Using its access to SUNY Research Foundation and other partners, NYMIC seeks to convene industry experts with forward thinking developers, technologists and investors through multiple events at varying locations in New York City.

Our mission is to elevate the marine industry as an engine for innovation and technology that will move the world. As a neutral ground with the entrepreneurial focus of the maritime industry ecosystem, NYMIC will spur development and serve as a bridge between the Tech, Maritime, Logistics, and Finance communities to connect startups to maritime interests globally.

NYMIC provides events, small workshops/seminars, assistance to startups, access and connections to customers, investors, and the maritime industry.


Having members and creators convene through various events enables NYMIC to connect industry with problem solvers and problem solvers with investors to fund their work.

  • Connecting early stage startups to the right mentors, bootcamps and accelerators.

  • Mentorship and guidance for developers and entrepreneurs.

  • VC’s and maritime industry experts combine to form an unparalleled network.


By convening and connecting the maritime industry, technologists, problem solvers and venture capitalists NYMIC seeks to catalyze ideas with a meaningful impact on ships, ports, terminals and other land logistics activity.

  • Providing access to NYMIC members, mentors and problems, NYMIC can accelerate idea development as well strategy and growth potential for start-ups.

  • Having a diverse member base allows NYMIC to provide the proper tech ecosystem to a new field of innovation – Mari-Tech.